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At Worldwide Title & Real Estate Services, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of ethical and personal service. We place considerable emphasis on ensuring our services and products are a good fit for every, Buyer, Seller, Investor, Broker, Real Estate Agent, and Lender.

To meet clients expectations and demand our in-house attorneys and certified public accountants provide the upmost professional, sophisticated legal counsel and representation for any client seeking individual legal and tax planning guidance.


Our attorneys offer legal guidance in residential, commercial and business opportunities in all aspects of real estate. Specialties include residential & commercial transactions, including triple- net review and analysis of due diligence documents, contract negotiations, contract offers, title curative work, title resolutions, business contracts and agreements, residential and commercial lease contracts and agreements, service contracts, land use and survey experts, property valuation.

Tax Consulting & Planning

Our Certified Public Accountants offer personalized services tailored to meet your real estate investment essentials. A detail review and analysis to offer the best tax planning and consulting services to successfully and legally recommend the best tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income. Specialties include Tax Planning for Individuals, Businesses and Business Transactions, Transfer Tax Planning and Compliance.

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I am a New Jersey, Portuguese Miami transplant with just about 20 years in the title business. That knowledge and experience led me to launch Worldwide Title.

I touch every part of the real estate process, and I am in constant contact with every person that has a hand in the transaction. We work as a team to achieve a single objective - to make each transaction a success.

In addition, I am fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and have an in-house attorney and CPA that work with me every day to close your deal.

My goal is to make every transaction a success.

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